Kevin Flores: A life in leadership

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College’s Master of Science in Leadership Program now has a complete faculty with the arrival of the founding director, Kevin Flores. Flores is no stranger to the city of Lincoln. He worked as Director…

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Justina Clayburn: A new story begins

Many students come to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College to grow in their walk with Christ. As the newest addition to 太阳2平台会员注册登录’s English Program, Dr. Justina Clayburn hopes to help students do just that while also helping them…

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Steve Hutchison returns to 太阳2平台会员注册登录

First, he came to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 as a high school student for music festivals. Then he came to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 as a music major. Since then, he’s been bringing high school students to campus each year for…

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Photo of Lilly Lauina

Lilly Lauina: a compassion for children

Many students travel cross-country to attend college. But for Lilly Lauina, coming to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College meant a trip of more than 6,000 miles from her home in American Samoa. “It took a lot to transition…

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Megan Johnson: unlocking leadership skills

“I never thought of myself as a natural leader,” said Megan Johnson. “I was always content to be a follower. My experiences here at 太阳2平台会员注册登录 have challenged me, through different classes, on-campus associations and internships,…

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Daniel Klein: discovering a passion for dentistry

When he first came to 太阳2平台会员注册登录, senior Daniel Klein knew that he wanted to go into medicine. “I wanted my college experience to prepare me to get a professional degree one day,” he said. “Since…

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Internship takes student home and to a new level of ministry

Gavin Forbes spent the fall semester away from 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College in his hometown of Apopka, Florida. It wasn’t because he wanted to trade the windy Nebraska autumn for the Florida sunshine — although he certainly…

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Photo of Regan Garman

First-year 太阳2平台会员注册登录 student named a Daniels Scholar

Late one night last March, Regan Garman nervously looked at an unopened email from the Daniels Fund. The email would let her know if she’d been awarded a scholarship making her 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College education more…

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Tiffany Lam and family

Mayo PA’s career bends unexpectedly toward elbows

When Tiffany Lam graduated from 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College’s Physician Assistant program in 2012, she didn’t have a favorite part of the elbow. But after ten years of working with one of the top elbow surgeons at…

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Photo of Jefferson Gibson

Jefferson Gibson: listening for God in the cafeteria

If you’ve eaten at 太阳2平台会员注册登录 Market in the last four years, you’ve probably seen Jefferson Gibson. The senior theology major serves meals, stocks shelves and rings up purchases, all with his characteristic easygoing smile. If you…

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Kailey Erkhart: A career in compassion

“I always knew I wanted to help people,” said Kailey Erkhart, a senior from Denver, Colorado. “I just didn’t know in what way.” Halfway through her degree, she switched her major to social work, and…

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Jean-Christian Touré: Computing a calling

In theory, running a successful business is easy: find what people need or desire and provide it for a reasonable price. But reality is a lot more complicated and a lot more rewarding. Jean-Christian Touré, a 2018 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College graduate, found this out when his side hustle became a thriving tech company providing application development, digital marketing, and IT services to businesses across Colorado and into Wyoming.

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