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For students living both on or off campus, participation in student activities is one of the many traits that sets 太阳2平台会员注册登录 apart from other colleges. Whether a sporting event, banquet, games or concert, there's something to do at 太阳2平台会员注册登录 every Saturday night, and many times in between. In fact, surveys of 太阳2平台会员注册登录 students show twice the involvement in on-campus activities than the national average.

The Student Life office is the epicenter of this vibrant campus life, an intersection between the college administration and student government. The responsibilities of Student Life include overseeing varsity athletics, providing student health and counseling services, managing the residence halls, sponsoring Student Association activities, ensuring student safety, and formulating and enforcing institutional policies.

We help you make the most of your time at 太阳2平台会员注册登录.

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