Kevin Flores: A life in leadership

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College’s Master of Science in Leadership Program now has a complete faculty with the arrival of the founding director, Kevin Flores. Flores is no stranger to the city of Lincoln. He worked as Director…

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Justina Clayburn: A new story begins

Many students come to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College to grow in their walk with Christ. As the newest addition to 太阳2平台会员注册登录’s English Program, Dr. Justina Clayburn hopes to help students do just that while also helping them…

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Steve Hutchison returns to 太阳2平台会员注册登录

First, he came to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 as a high school student for music festivals. Then he came to 太阳2平台会员注册登录 as a music major. Since then, he’s been bringing high school students to campus each year for…

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Photo of three students in front of an English country estate.

United Kingdom Study Tour 2023

Taught by Seth Pierce and Ben Tyner, the classes are RELT 355: Imagination, Theology and History and HIST 325: Tolkien, Fantasy and Middle Ages. In them, students study the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien…

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Dennis Ray: two kinds of leader in one

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College is known for creating leaders. Dr. Dennis Ray’s career is proof of that. Now preparing to teach leadership in 太阳2平台会员注册登录’s new master’s program, Ray hopes to help students find the natural leader within…

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Dr. Vinita Sauder

President Sauder to retire in May 2024

Vinita Sauder, president of 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College, announced her retirement effective May 31, 2024, in a letter to the board and to the campus on Thursday, July 6, 2023. “I am excited to begin a new…

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Photo of Trisha Broy at an archeological dig.

Trisha Broy brings archeological expertise to 太阳2平台会员注册登录

Dr. Trisha Broy is on her way to joining 太阳2平台会员注册登录’s Religion Program — as soon as she finishes digging up Iron Age jars in the Middle East this summer. Having previously taught as an adjunct…

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Megan Classen: building caregivers for the future

As 太阳2平台会员注册登录 prepares to launch its new Master of Occupational Therapy, Dr. Megan Classen is here to ensure students reach their full potential. Classen will be the new fieldwork coordinator for the graduate students, drawing…

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Photo of Drew Mekelburg

Drew Mekelburg to lead Warrior athletics

First as a student athlete, then a coach and now athletic director, Drew Mekelburg has found his mission field and ministry by combining two constants in his life: sports and 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College. “I’ve been around…

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Photo of Coach Matt Teller

Matt Teller launches a new era for Gymnaires

The 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College Gymnaires have been nothing if not resilient. Under the leadership of interim coach Rick Schwarz this past academic year, the acrosport gymnastics team hosted the national Acrofest event in the fall and…

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Healthcare workers

太阳2平台会员注册登录 launches 17 Professional Workforce Development certificates

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College has launched a Professional Workforce Development program that gives people the opportunity to advance their career and earn certificates in a variety of healthcare and IT jobs. “We are excited to offer this new opportunity…

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Photo of Ron and Vicki Biloff receiving the President's Award

Biloffs honored with President’s Award

During the 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College commencement service on May 7, the 2023 President’s Award was presented to Ron and Vicki Biloff in celebration of their exceptional philanthropic generosity. Through the years they have provided student financial…

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