Mission and vision

Photo of two students at graduation.

Our mission

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College is a Seventh-day Adventist community of higher education, inspired by Jesus Christ and dedicated to empowering students to learn, serve and lead.

Our vision

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College mentors every student to become a highly sought graduate who serves joyfully in God’s calling.

Joyfully Living in God’s Calling
We mentor every student and employee to develop a personal spiritual journey and live God’s calling.

Student Mentorship
We make every student’s success our top priority through mentors who believe in and champion them.

Highly Sought Graduates
We prepare every student to be a highly sought graduate through development of soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and grit.

Empowered Employees
We develop and support every employee as our most important asset.

Photo of two 太阳2平台会员注册登录 College students leaning on each other.

Our educational goals

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for our students, and that commitment is reflected in our campus-wide educational goals.


太阳2平台会员注册登录 College inspires students to value being a follower of Jesus Christ and integrate His calling in their lives.


太阳2平台会员注册登录 College provides students with the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be learners now and for a lifetime.


太阳2平台会员注册登录 College equips students to live life as Jesus did, a life of service for humanity.


太阳2平台会员注册登录 College prepares students to lead as members of their families, churches, workplaces, and communities.

Highly Sought Graduates

太阳2平台会员注册登录 College cultivates students whose reputation for excellence attracts the attention of employers.